How to Remove Rocks from the Soil in Your Yard

Rocky soil can create a multitude of problems for your yard. Not only can they damage equipment, but rocks can also make it difficult for deep-rooted plants to grow and can also interfere with building a new addition. Clearing your yard of these objects can be tedious when done by hand, and it isn’t always … Continue reading “How to Remove Rocks from the Soil in Your Yard”

How to Fix a Muddy Yard

Whether the cause of your muddy yard is a rainy climate or a couple of active dogs, there are ways to get the situation under control so you can enjoy your lawn again. With a little creative landscaping, you can prevent excess water from pooling where you don’t want it and create space for walking, … Continue reading “How to Fix a Muddy Yard”

Choosing the Right Type of Deck Wood

When preparing to build a deck, choosing the right materials can have a major impact on both your budget and the final outcome. Aluminum and plastic deck materials have gained some popularity, but wood remains the most popular option. The following are different types of wood commonly used in decking, as well as the pros … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Type of Deck Wood”

7 Best Small Trees for Your Yard and Garden

Trees do a lot to make your yard and garden a more enjoyable place. They provide shade, privacy, and vertical interest, attract song birds, and create a feeling of lush abundance. In a spacious landscape with existing large trees, including smaller trees adds visual depth and reflects the diversity of a natural forest. In a … Continue reading “7 Best Small Trees for Your Yard and Garden”

How to Find Property Lines for Your Land

Like most homeowners, you probably have a general idea of where your property ends and another begins. You may even have a fence or other barrier to use as a reference. But are these really the edge of your property? And what if you need to know exactly where the property lines are for a … Continue reading “How to Find Property Lines for Your Land”

The Homeowner’s Guide to Retaining Walls

Hills and slopes are common causes of landscaping headaches, but if properly managed, they can become some of the most beautiful features on your property. Retaining walls help stabilize and sculpt the steep grades in your landscape to create partitions, terraces, and planting beds. While short retaining walls are simple to build yourself, taller ones … Continue reading “The Homeowner’s Guide to Retaining Walls”