Gorilla Hair Mulch 101

Gorilla hair mulch might sound like someone’s idea for recycling debris from the zoo’s primate exhibit, but it has no connection to actual gorillas. This plant-based mulch is made from redwood or red cedar bark finely shredded to resemble the thick hair of a gorilla. The bark used is a byproduct of lumber production that … Continue reading “Gorilla Hair Mulch 101”

How to Get Rid of Lawn Rust

As if the unattractive yellowish-orange tint that lawn rust gives your turf weren’t bad enough, this fungus also weakens and thins out your grass. While lawn rust might look like a serious disease, it isn’t hard to get rid of. Taking steps to improve the overall health of your lawn is often enough to clear … Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Lawn Rust”

Landscaping Terminology

Like every specialty, landscaping has its own lingo that can get confusing when you’re not used to it. If you’re thinking about hiring a landscaper or planning a DIY project, learning basic landscaping terminology will help you get exactly the look you want. General Landscaping Terms Hardscape: non-living features such as pavement, walls, planters, gazebos, … Continue reading “Landscaping Terminology”

Tertiary Walks for Gardens and Greenery

Unlike the main walkways running to your house, the tertiary walks found in gardens and other more natural places have a much greater leeway in terms of size and composition. These allow your garden paths to look natural or eloquent, be wide or narrow, and use crafted or organic materials. Tertiary Walks Using Pavers Pavers … Continue reading “Tertiary Walks for Gardens and Greenery”

Building and Maintaining Masonry Walkways

You may have heard stories or seen old photos of life in the last century where the roads and sidewalks were brick or cobblestone. For some lucky areas, these features may even still exist in places. The good news is that you can create sidewalks with these traditional materials for your own home, and may … Continue reading “Building and Maintaining Masonry Walkways”

Building and Maintaining Concrete Walks

Poured concrete is one of the most common materials for sidewalk construction. These walks have the advantage of being flat, durable, and attractive. While not as easy to repair as other materials, a concrete walkway will provide years of low-maintenance enjoyment. There are three ways to install concrete. Precast concrete functions very similar to brick … Continue reading “Building and Maintaining Concrete Walks”