Rafters vs. Trusses for Residential Homes

If you’re building a new home or adding an addition to an existing house, one of the major decisions you’ll have to make is: How will you hold up the roof? Unless the plans call for a flat roof structure, you basically have to choose between rafters or trusses. A visit to the attic of … Continue reading “Rafters vs. Trusses for Residential Homes”

The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has a history in the United States that dates back to the birthplace of the country. Thomas Jefferson had a tin roof installed on his famous Monticello home and Paul Revere—yes, the guy that made that midnight ride—later diversified his silversmithing business to produce rolls of copper that was utilized for roofing. It … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing”

Roof Leak Detection and Repair

It’s a classic image in comedies and cartoons: a home during a rainstorm, buckets all over the floor catching the rain as it drips from the ceiling. Unfortunately, by the time a roof leak reaches this point in real life, your home will have already suffered extensive damage. The good news is that you can … Continue reading “Roof Leak Detection and Repair”

Roofing Terminology 101

Whether you are planning a DIY project or working with a professional roofer, the sheer number of terms out there may be daunting. The following list contains both common and uncommon terms, alphabetized and broken into categories to make it easier for you to find a specific term quickly. Descriptive Terms Absorption: the ability to absorb … Continue reading “Roofing Terminology 101”

The Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Types and Materials

There was a time when homes were uniform in design and had limited access to materials. Now, homeowners have a wide range of options for both style and material when working on their roof. Regardless of whether you are repairing a roof, replacing it, or building an addition to your home, it is important to … Continue reading “The Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Types and Materials”

Types of Roof Vents for Houses

Proper ventilation is essential to any home. However, conflicting opinions on which of the many types of roof vent is most efficient may be quite confusing. Depending upon your local climate, building codes, and the size of your home, one type of vent system may be more efficient than another. There are two major types of vent systems, … Continue reading “Types of Roof Vents for Houses”