How to Tell if You Need a Water Softener

Depending on where you live, the severity and reputation of hard water may vary greatly. However, it is something that affects most homes to some degree. Why should you be wary of hard water, and when is it appropriate to invest in water softeners? What is Hard Water? Hard water contains abnormally high levels of … Continue reading “How to Tell if You Need a Water Softener”

No Hot Water in House: Common Causes and Fixes

There are times when you want to do the dishes or are hopping in the shower only to find the water is still cold. Usually, it warms up after a minute, but what about those times when the water refuses to get any hotter? Thankfully, the most common causes of this problem can be easily … Continue reading “No Hot Water in House: Common Causes and Fixes”

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes and Prevent Them from Freezing in the Future

Winter weather can create all sorts of problems for your home, many of which are caused by ice buildups. Ice dams can ruin your gutters, hail can shatter windows, and frozen pipes can become a plumbing nightmare. Of these, frozen pipes often prove the biggest surprise to homeowners because the pipes are located either underground … Continue reading “How to Thaw Frozen Pipes and Prevent Them from Freezing in the Future”

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

Toilets have been around since at least the days of Emperor Commodus, and the technology hasn’t changed much in all of that time. Modern toilets enjoy a more efficient use of water and are a bit more appealing, yet they are just as prone to breaking, if not more so. A leaky toilet can create numerous … Continue reading “How to Fix a Leaking Toilet”

Effective Home Remedies for Clogged Drains

A slow-running drain is a real nuisance, and a completely clogged one can leave your sink or shower unusable. As urgent as the problem might seem, not every blocked drain requires harsh chemical cleaners or help from a plumber. In most cases, you’ll be able to clear the drain using common household products or basic … Continue reading “Effective Home Remedies for Clogged Drains”

The Homeowner’s Guide to Water Pressure

Many plumbing problems in your home originate with water pressure issues. This may lead to low-pressure showers and toilet flushing issues on one end and damaged pipes or appliances on the other. Checking the water pressure yourself is not difficult, and may help you to identify potential problems before they become costly. Standard Water Pressure … Continue reading “The Homeowner’s Guide to Water Pressure”