Wood Floor Water Damage

Natural wood flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years and is both attractive and practical, although they are prone to water damage. Whether your floor is warping from ongoing moisture issues or has been exposed to flooding, you will need to work quickly to prevent further damage. Unlike carpet or tile, natural wood will … Continue reading “Wood Floor Water Damage”

How to Repair Ceiling Water Damage

What may at first appear to be a small water stain on your ceiling could be just the tip of a costly iceberg. Most damage occurs on the side you can’t see, and by the time you have a visible leak, it is often too late. Even worse, your damaged ceiling is a perfect breeding … Continue reading “How to Repair Ceiling Water Damage”

Can You Use Latex Paint over an Oil Based Primer?

You have likely heard throughout your life that oil-based paints cannot be mixed with other types of paint. At the same time, you may have been told that you can use latex paint on top of an oil-based primer. Both of these beliefs are true, which may at first sound confusing. The facts, once broken … Continue reading “Can You Use Latex Paint over an Oil Based Primer?”

The Pros and Cons of Hickory Flooring

Hardwood floors are becoming a valuable asset, not only in the real estate market, but also in terms of personal enjoyment. You may have removed some old carpeting to find a neglected hardwood floor, or perhaps you are thinking of installing one. Hickory is one of the most popular choices, although there are some details … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Hickory Flooring”

The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring

When planning to install a new floor in your home, concrete was probably not even on the list of options. Long considered only viable for basements and industrial buildings, this material has become increasingly popular with homeowners in recent years. Before deciding whether concrete is right for you, there are numerous considerations to take into … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring”

What is the Ideal Basement Humidity Level?

Humidity can be a dangerous, invisible threat to the health of both your home and family. You have no doubt made efforts to control the humidity levels in your home, but may have neglected the less-used portions of the house. Of the many places in your home susceptible to moisture, your basement is at the … Continue reading “What is the Ideal Basement Humidity Level?”