The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

Homeowners considering new flooring have a wider variety of options than ever, including tile, carpeting, stone, resilient composites and, of course, natural wood. Depending on the location in the house and the indoor decor, any of these selections may be the right choice. In certain rooms, many homeowners incline toward wood as the flooring material … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring”

The Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Since it first showed up in U.S. homes in the early 20th century, cork flooring has enjoyed several periods of popularity. Recently, homeowners have been rediscovering the advantages of this durable, eco-friendly flooring. In addition to its warm, natural appearance, cork holds physical properties that help make your home more comfortable. The Advantages of Cork … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring”

Shower Floor Options and Ideas For Your Home

More than just a place to stand while you’re showering, your shower floor influences the overall look and feel of your bathroom. The material you choose should not only be durable, comfortable, and slip resistant, it should also suit the aesthetic of your bathroom decor. No matter what your needs and preferences, there’s a shower … Continue reading “Shower Floor Options and Ideas For Your Home”

Types of Carpet Fibers Compared

There are plenty of reasons to shop for a new carpet. Perhaps you need to replace an older carpet, are redecorating, or simply wish to add some area rugs to a cold floor. No matter the reason, it can be difficult to sift through the many options available. Gaining a basic understanding of the different … Continue reading “Types of Carpet Fibers Compared”

Wood Floor Water Damage

Natural wood flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years and is both attractive and practical, although they are prone to water damage. Whether your floor is warping from ongoing moisture issues or has been exposed to flooding, you will need to work quickly to prevent further damage. Unlike carpet or tile, natural wood will … Continue reading “Wood Floor Water Damage”

The Pros and Cons of Hickory Flooring

Hardwood floors are becoming a valuable asset, not only in the real estate market, but also in terms of personal enjoyment. You may have removed some old carpeting to find a neglected hardwood floor, or perhaps you are thinking of installing one. Hickory is one of the most popular choices, although there are some details … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Hickory Flooring”