Dryer Venting Options 101

While dryer venting isn’t complicated, there are still a few critical guidelines you’ll need to follow to protect your health and safety. An incorrectly vented dryer will release lint and humidity into your home, reducing your air quality. Even worse, incorrect venting can pose a fire hazard. Materials for a Safe, Low-Maintenance Vent Due to … Continue reading “Dryer Venting Options 101”

Wood Stove vs. Pellet Stove: An In-Depth Comparison For Homeowners

Wood is the original energy source. Since prehistoric times, humans have kept warm by burning it. Here in the 21st century, there are more effective, efficient and safe ways to burn wood for household warmth. Even the wood fuel itself now can be a standardized product that eliminates most of the physical effort of acquiring … Continue reading “Wood Stove vs. Pellet Stove: An In-Depth Comparison For Homeowners”

Troubleshooting Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps are a fairly recent innovation over traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Diagrams make them appear deceptively simple, although they run into problems like any other HVAC unit. Thankfully, many of these issues are easy to repair. The following are some common malfunctions, their possible causes, and the best solutions. A Note on Thermostats … Continue reading “Troubleshooting Common Heat Pump Problems”

HVAC Terminology 101

Once upon a time, home environments were regulated usingĀ little more than a furnace and fans. Times have changed immensely in the past few decades, and now HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is a complicated profession covering a wide variety of options and technologies. Whether you are planning to upgrade your HVAC system or merely … Continue reading “HVAC Terminology 101”

Furnace Leaking Water: Troubleshooting and Repair

It might seem more logical for a basement leak to be coming from the water heater or washer, but modern furnaces can also sprout leaks. Thus, finding a puddle of water beneath your furnace may indicate a problem with the furnace or adjacent portion of your HVAC system. By performing someĀ basic checks, you can determine … Continue reading “Furnace Leaking Water: Troubleshooting and Repair”

Crawl Space Encapsulation: Pros, Cons, Cost, & DIY Info

Many homes which lack a basement often leave crawl spaces underneath the ground floor. This is not only true of mobile homes, but ranch style and even large homes that lack a full-sized basement. These areas are left unseen, and therefore tend to be ignored. In cases where a basement has a dirt floor, encapsulation … Continue reading “Crawl Space Encapsulation: Pros, Cons, Cost, & DIY Info”