Lead Paint Removal and Encapsulation

Lead gives paint greater durability and a more attractive finish, so this metal was once a common component in paints. As manufacturers eventually realized, though, lead-based paint poses a serious health hazard, particularly to children. If your home has lead paint, taking steps to remove or encapsulate it as soon as possible will protect your … Continue reading “Lead Paint Removal and Encapsulation”

12 Tips for Creating a Cozier Home

A cozy, inviting home gives you a relaxing place to unwind after a long day, a comfortable spot for small family gatherings, and a welcoming environment for entertaining friends. Creating that cozy atmosphere takes more than some throw pillows and candles, though. The right lighting, furniture layout, and decor choices also play a role in … Continue reading “12 Tips for Creating a Cozier Home”

10 Signs to Watch out for to Avoid Renovating a Money Pit

A good fixer-upper home can save you money and become a tremendous source of pride, but choose the wrong one, and you’ll end up with a money pit that sucks in more work and cash than you ever imagined. Foundation damage, worn-out wiring, hidden mold, and other expensive repair issues are common in older homes, … Continue reading “10 Signs to Watch out for to Avoid Renovating a Money Pit”

Signs of Home Water Damage

Leaks and moisture buildup can do serious damage to your home before you even realize there’s a problem. The damage doesn’t happen without some warning signs, though. Staying alert for the signs of home water damage helps you catch problems early so you can prevent further damage and protect your family from harmful mold and … Continue reading “Signs of Home Water Damage”

Home Modifications for the Elderly

Moving into a senior living complex isn’t a change most people would relish, but it’s also far from inevitable. For many elderly adults, all that’s needed to maintain a familiar lifestyle in their own home are a few modifications to facilitate mobility and enhance safety. Knowing your options will help you decide which modifications will … Continue reading “Home Modifications for the Elderly”

Identifying and Removing Asbestos Building Materials

If you’re considering renovating an older home, asbestos is one of the most insidious dangers you’ll need to look out for. Cheap, durable, fire-resistant, and an excellent insulator, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was commonly used in homes from the late 18th century all the way to the mid-1970s. As early as … Continue reading “Identifying and Removing Asbestos Building Materials”