Vinyl vs. Steel vs. Aluminum Gutters

By directing rain and melting snow away from your home, your gutters protect your roof from leaks, your windows from rot, and your foundation from erosion. Not all gutter materials offer the same benefits, though. Low cost and ease of installation have helped vinyl and aluminum gutters gain popularity, but some situations call for the … Continue reading “Vinyl vs. Steel vs. Aluminum Gutters”

Painted vs. Stained Cabinets

Because cabinets are such prominent features in your kitchen and bath, the finish you choose for them affects the whole ambiance of the room. While both painted and stained cabinets can be equally attractive, each finish has aspects that make it better suited to some situations than others. Paint: Versatile and Modern Paint opens up … Continue reading “Painted vs. Stained Cabinets”

New Carpet Smell: Is it Safe? And How to Get Rid of It.

For some, the smell of a new carpet is an innocuous reminder of a recent home upgrade. For others, though, it’s an irritating stench that can make a room nearly unusable. However you feel about it, new carpet smell isn’t the healthiest thing you could be breathing, and it’s reasonable to want it out of … Continue reading “New Carpet Smell: Is it Safe? And How to Get Rid of It.”

Floor, Wall, or Ceiling Registers?

The location of your heating and cooling system’s air registers might seem like a minor detail, but it has a noticeable impact on your comfort. Floor, wall, and ceiling registers each have their own strengths and weaknesses that make them suited for different situations. The ideal register placement for each room depends on a variety … Continue reading “Floor, Wall, or Ceiling Registers?”

Common Signs of a Bad Interior Paint Job

When you hire a professional to paint a room in your home, you expect beautiful, long-lasting results, but that’s not always what you’ll get. Less skilled and less honest painters can leave you with walls that are smudged or streaky, or that start fading or cracking quickly. A bad interior paint job isn’t just bad … Continue reading “Common Signs of a Bad Interior Paint Job”

Ceiling Condensation and How to Fix It

If you don’t get it under control, even a small amount of ceiling condensation can quickly leave you with an ugly, blotchy, moldy mess overhead. The fact that there’s moisture on your ceiling at all is a strong indication your house has problems that are running up your energy bills, ruining your air quality, and … Continue reading “Ceiling Condensation and How to Fix It”