Do Duct Booster Fans Work?

There are times when your HVAC system just doesn’t seem to be doing enough. Connecting rooms may be receiving air unevenly, or the furthest rooms may not be getting enough air. Many contractors will suggest installing booster fans, but do they really work? The short answer is, yes and no. Your mileage may vary based … Continue reading “Do Duct Booster Fans Work?”

The Pros & Cons of Thermofoil Cabinets

As one of the most prominent features in your kitchen, the cabinets have a major influence on the room’s look and feel. While wood might be the traditional choice for kitchen cabinets, it’s not always ideal. Thermofoil gives you a budget-friendly alternative to wood that fits beautifully in a modern kitchen. Thermofoil itself is a … Continue reading “The Pros & Cons of Thermofoil Cabinets”

The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Stump Removal

Some tree stumps might work fine as planters, but others only get in the way, look unsightly, and attract ants, termites, and other pests. If you have a stump in the latter category, there are a few ways you can get rid of if. Which tree stump removal method is right for you depends on … Continue reading “The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Stump Removal”

Hydro-Air Heating Systems 101

Your home’s heating system is one of your biggest energy users in winter, and it has a major impact on your comfort. If you’re in the market for a heating upgrade, it’s well worth considering all the options available before you choose. Hydro-air systems, while still relatively uncommon, are gaining popularity for their flexibility and … Continue reading “Hydro-Air Heating Systems 101”

The Homeowner’s Guide to Lawn Painting

A lush, green lawn creates an inviting atmosphere around your home, but in drought-prone areas, maintaining that idyllic green turf naturally is next to impossible. Lawn painting arose as a way to enjoy the best of both worlds: an evenly green lawn without the high water bills. Better yet, it’s a simple, affordable process you … Continue reading “The Homeowner’s Guide to Lawn Painting”

The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Trimming

Just like watering and fertilizing, pruning your trees is a necessary part of landscaping that keeps your trees healthy and protects your property from falling branches. Correct tree trimming takes more than just chopping a few branches here and there, though. To keep the tree in good condition, you need to know when, what, and … Continue reading “The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Trimming”